Virtual Shoots

Photoshoots from the comfort and safety of your home.

Just because the world is shut down, doesn't mean art, creativity, and content need to stop! After many inquiries, I'm excited to officially launch a Virtual Photoshoot option for all of you.

Who is this for?

Virtual shoots, conducted on FaceTime or Skype/Zoom, are for anyone who wants (or needs!) photos right now. Creatively edited with a vintage flair, these photoshoots are for:


Let's face it - life at home can start to get a little mundane. Whether you're solo and isolated, or surrounded by loved ones and inundated with work-from-home, each day can start to look the same right now. Virtual Photoshoots are a great way to add a drop of excitement to your week, getting dressed up for a creative shoot, or using the opportunity to capture and document what life was like for you at the beginning of the "New Normal."

MUSICIANS, MODELS, Content Creators

The world may have stopped, but the need for fresh social media content never does. With a virtual photoshoot, we can work together to create a series of photos that support your brand and keep your social media feed and subscribers happy!


We know that birthdays, engagements, weddings, new jobs, and other life changes are still happening. While we always prefer to get together in person to document these types of life milestones, it's definitely still important to capture them when they're here! With a virtual shoot, we can document the excitement you're feeling about the big news or big day for posterity. You'll be amazed at how well a smile travels across the interwebs.

How Does This Work?

Booking / Prep

Select from the packages below or reach out to us to discuss a unique package. Once we schedule your shoot, we can text/email (or even hop on a quick call - so retro!) to discuss the wardrobe you're considering and the space(s) you have available for your shoot.

The Shoot

For the iPhone users (iPhone 8 and later), we will use FaceTime for your shoot. The latest updates to iOS provide some really great features for virtual shoots. For Android users, don't fret - we will use Skype or Zoom for your shoot, depending on which platform you're most comfortable with!

I will direct you on the best light and we'll figure out the best places/angles to sit your phone / laptop. Once we get through those a couple minutes of those logistics, it will start to feel like a normal shoot! I'll direct you one where to stand and how to pose, and we'll work together to take best advantage of the light available to us.


2-3 days after our shoot, you'll get a DropBox link to the edited digital images. These images will be web / social media resolution and will have an old-school / vintage feel (like the ones you see scattered around this page!) Again, we're so excited to be able to use technology to provide these keepsakes and content for you!

Starter Pack

$55 (Intro Price until May 9)

* style/location consultation
* 25-40 minute shoot
* 1-2 outfits
* 5 digital images

Virtual Star

$75 (intro price Until May 9)

* style/location consultation
* 45-60 minute shoot
* up to 3 outfits
* 10-15 digital images


Contact Me

If you have a specific vision in mind, or want to discuss a unique or socially-distanced shoot plan not mentioned above, we're happy to hear it. Just use the contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP to discuss.



"As a woman who has just recently become comfortable shooting, it's been very important to meet photographers who make me feel safe emotionally and physically. Meeting them helps me feel the vibes, so I didn't know if I'd be able to get the same interaction from a FaceTime shoot. Needless to say, the entire thing was so much fun!! It was like FaceTiming a friend you've known forever and just being yourself. Truly a unique experience and now I can't wait to meet Drew in person one day, and create more magic!"

—Lizzie W.